Good morning, class!!

Welcome to my blog, where I will narrate the perils of being over-educated and under-employed at the ripe young age of 23. To clarify my mission, I will now conduct an interview with myself. I am a ruthless seeker of the truth and will show no mercy.

M.E.: Ms. Shelison, as an educator, how do you qualify yourself as being “over-educated”? Surely it is irresponsible of someone of your profession to believe that there is such a thing.
A.M.: Yes, perhaps it is irresponsible, but let me clarify. I consider myself over-educated in relation to the amount of real-world experience I have been afforded at this point in my life. I have spent approximately 83% of my life in school.
M.E.: And once again, as a prospective teacher, you believe this is a bad thing?
A.M.: It seems to be… for several reasons. Most tangibly, I lack teaching experience and I am fighting for positions in a market saturated with experienced teachers. Also, I have discovered that I have a difficult time feeling worthwhile given that I am earning neither a money nor grades at this point in my life. Say, would you be willing to score me on this interview? I could write up a rubric quite quickly.
M.E.: You’re pathetic.
A.M.: Duly noted. But honestly, I have lived most of my life with lots of structure and clearly defined measures of success. Not only do I find that too much schooling and too little experience hinders me in the job search, but also in my day-to-day. I have no idea how to feel productive in this in between time.
M.E.: So what do you intend to do about that?
A.M.: Well, I began this blog to more adequately track my experiences and goals. I intend to hold myself accountable for personal growth until I get a job.
M.E.: At which point you can discontinue personal growth?
A.M.: You’re twisting my words, friend. At which point personal growth will be more clearly measurable and defined by my profession.
M.E.: Well, AM, I wish you the best, I truly do. Though I am familiar with your record of couch surfing in the past few weeks.
A.M.: Touché. I was searching for jobs online.
M.E.: And pancake recipes. And sensible brown leather boots with a low heel.
A.M.: And I found two out of three things that I was looking for. Not too shabby!

And that, readers, is a pink-tinged perspective on my very own life.