It is unavoidable that a blog solely about my own life experience will make me seem self-involved.

I have heard it explained that life swings on a pendulum of time and money. The moments the two achieve equal balance in our lives are few, and far between. This was first explained to me in the context of traveling abroad and why it never seems that one can just “go”. I deeply admire those I know who are young and well-traveled… there have always been a multitude of reasons I have given myself why “now is not a good time”.

But that is not why I brought up that notion of time and money. I’ve been reflecting lately on how my time is spent and what I have spent my time on in the past several years.

You should know, reader, that I love to shop. I am a methodical shopper (those of you who graze your way through stores deeply frustrate me – I come to conquer, go in for the kill). Yet, there are always numerous items that call to me from shelves and hangers. There is simply not enough money in my wallet to entertain them all, so I limit my time in the store. I rarely think of those items again, those items that were not meant to be, yet sometimes they whisper to me long after.

I have realized that I spent time in much the same way. As a high school graduate, there were many talents and passions calling down to me from the shelves of my life. I didn’t have enough time to entertain them all, so a select few were chosen and I’ve worn them ever since. Surely this relatable to most people.

And now I have time again. Days and weeks of it. Throughout my reflection of what I am meant to do with this time if it is not meant to be that I teach, I have thought back to those things forgotten on the shelves. I am taking them out again, dusting them off, trying them on.

From my pink-tinged perspective, this writing business still fits rather nicely.


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