Teaching old dogs new tricks.

Last winter I volunteered at a science fair a local middle school was hosting. One of the three students I was responsible for evaluating got very unlucky. He ended up with a psychology major as a judge of his ridiculously concocted “memory experiment”. He had three “sets” of subjects: his sister’s age (“like 5-7”), his age (12-13), and “older people” (anywhere from 20-63). He showed them an image for a certain period of time and then asked them certain questions. Their score (obviously) reflected their ability to memorize information.

His results were that his age group scored the best and he even offered causal information! The younger people were too distracted, and the old ones were losing brain cells as they aged, but his age group had brains that were “fully-developed”.

Luckily, as a teacher, I have been trained in objectivity.

Regardless of what this young man seems to think about the state of my brain, I believe I am in a prime condition to pick up something new. Not because of my brain, but because of my ability to stick with things, which I desperately lacked at age 16 when this all started.

By this I mean, wanting to learn to play the guitar. I was given a beautiful guitar for my 16th birthday and had lofty aspirations of putting my many, many teenage poems to song.  (Oh, man were those really bad poems… it wasn’t my fault, actually. The subject matter was weak: boyfriends.)

7 years later I have officially enrolled in my first guitar class at Old Town School of Folk Music, which is conveniently located in my (amazing) neighborhood!!!

When life refuses to interrupt your free time with things like jobs, make the best of it, I say.

I’ll be groovin’ out in my pink-tinted shades ‘for long. 🙂


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