Tough questions and my daily devotional

WARNING: I’m going to talk about my faith in a non-condemning, experiential way in this post. You have been warned.

Every day, sometimes twice a day Rick Warren emails me. Okay, okay me and anyone else who signs up for his Daily Hope devotional. It’s been pretty cool to open up my inbox and sometimes read a scripture and application that meets me exactly where I am at that moment. Of course, sometimes I don’t read them at all, but that’s beside the point (I’m just  being honest).
Today’s Daily Hope was about making changes in your life to get the best that God has for you by focusing your life. And it just so happens that I’ve been writing a lot about focusing/re-focusing my life (in my own way, using my own strength). After answering the questions posed in the article, I prayed through the answers and invited God into the change.

This is a little raw… a little more than I want you to know, really. Actually, probably more than you even wanted to know. But inevitably change will happen, and I need to keep track of where I started from and what I’m working towards. And most importantly, who’s with me in all of it.

What do I want to be? A servant, a child of God.

What do I want to do? Love others as God loved them, life out scriptural truthes, give everything away and not be afraid to, life fully for God and rely on him, follow God in everything – no matter how uncomfortable.

What do I want to have? Qualities of Jesus, more capacity for love, deeper understanding of God, brothers and sisters in Christ, no fear.

Why do I want it? Because I know that the life God wants for me is the best life possible.

This is much, much more than a pink-tinged perspective…


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