When things come together


In the past few days, several loose ends in my life have knitted themselves together so nicely that I am just taking a moment to appreciate the “now”.

Lately, I’ve been coping with intense bouts of homesickness. I’m longing to just be in the same place as people who “get” me, who don’t need me to explain or justify myself or my thoughts. I severely undervalued the experience of working in a place full of passionate, thoughtful, like-minded people. And yes, of course, I’ve considered that things look rosier from the outside, but that never really helps me with the ache.

As I was walking through that particularly melancholy month, I kept pausing to nurse my little worries along: final bookings for our trip, finding a new home to rent, details about my position next year. Yesterday, as I stopped to wonder at how things had come together so neatly, I felt an assurance that God had provided and immediately wondered why I hadn’t trusted those things to Him in the first place.

For so many of us, worries are the weeds in our lives. Why do we water them?