Gift Guide: For the Man’s Man, shop at Herb Bauer, Fresno

herb bauer

Is it just me, or are the ones we love getting harder to shop for every year? As a millennial, consumerism is steeped deep in my blood. With our Prime account, we pretty much blink and that random thing we need is at our door two days later. So what do you get the guy that already got whatever he wanted a week ago on his doorstep? An experience.

SAMSUNG CSCThat’s right. Remember when he talked about how he used to love fishing as a kid? Fill his stocking with live (-looking) bait. I’ve heard a sense of humor is sexy.

SAMSUNG CSCLast year I scoured the reviews for the perfect travel fishing rod. There have been a handful of times when we’ve found ourselves hiking along a mountain stream and I am see that dreamy look in his eye. Fortunately for me, I missed the shipping window and found myself stumbling into Herb Bauer asking for rod recommendations. They patiently explained that the type of rod would depend on the type of fishing he wants to do and steered me toward the right model. It was a lightbulb moment, really. Since then, I’ve been swinging in here for our camping and outdoor needs. 

Gifting gear is really like gifting a hobby. My absolute, hands-down favorite wedding present was a double-wide sleeping bag. (Yes, they make those.) Even if you’re not the hiking type, invest in his manly image (flannel button downs don’t count anymore) and buy him some outdoorsy memories.

Cast-iron cookware is a great go-to for the woodsy people in your life. It’s a non-essential and heavy, so many casual backpackers won’t own any. A cast-iron skillet is mighty handy to have around your kitchen (and your tent, should a bear arrive) and we twenty-somethings are all about dual-purpose kitchen gadgets.

SAMSUNG CSCYou can also get your annual hunting and fishing permits at Herb Bauer and rent any gear or supplies you’d need to spend time in the mountains, like tire chains, tents, lanterns, snowboards, ect. Each year, Danny and I get the annual parks pass to all the national parks. You can order online or (usually) buy at the gate. At $80, you only need to use it four times to break even. If that isn’t an excuse for a road trip, then I’m a burnt marshmallow.

This is part of a series on where to shop local this holiday season. For more Fresno-area small businesses, see my top ten list here.

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