Shop Local: Vintage on Fourth, Clovis


I stumbled in to Vintage on Fourth during an Old Town Clovis Farmer’s Market about 18 months ago and fell. in. love.SAMSUNG CSC

The quickest and weakest synopsis of this little shop is that it is everything that Anthropologie’s home section is trying to be… but so much better. As much as I love my hubbie, I’ve decided that shopping at Vintage on Fourth is serious business and I just can’t have the distraction. I’m too busy uncovering darling little treasures, like this.SAMSUNG CSC
and this…SAMSUNG CSC

and all of these things… (one of these hobnail vases may have followed me home this week)SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

See that little blue bag peaking out of the bottom shelf, hexagonal handle, jewel-toned leather. I’m afraid it got snatched up too. Dear owners of Vintage on Fourth, can’t I please just move in?!SAMSUNG CSC

On my first visit, I fell in love with these little flags and bought the letters to spell out “hello” – it’s still gracing my kitchen window, strung up with twine.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

And guess what else?!? They host classes on the trendiest DIY projects like string art and terrariums! I’ve heard they fill up fast. I’m wishing on this adorable little star that I just might be able to get into the next one!SAMSUNG CSC

Succulents: the super adorable plant side kick for stylish women who kill orchids. 😉 There was this amazing diamond-shaped terrarium that I am kicking myself over leaving behind. Though, I suppose I had to leave a few things behind… otherwise there would just be a lot of disappointment at the end of this post.SAMSUNG CSC

Alas! There is no disappointment to be found! Only gorgeous furniture!SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

If I seem a little gushy over this store… it’s because I am. Every time I go in it just keeps getting better. Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl. The only thing I ask for this season is Vintage on Fourth, wrapped in a bow, under my tree. SAMSUNG CSCA girl can dream…

This is part of a series on where to shop local this holiday season. For more Fresno-area small businesses, see my top ten list here.

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