Iron+Copper+Bronze {Thriving Artist Series, Fresno}

What inspired the craftswomen of Iron+Copper+Bronze to take up design and leather-working? An overpriced apron.


“It was a gorgeous apron, don’t get me wrong,” says Cathy Caracciolo, “but it got me thinking: how hard would this be to make?”


And in that moment, Iron+Copper+Bronze was born. American-made waxed canvas and leather totes that have even Hollywood drooling a bit.


One can see why. The attention to detail is remarkable; the flush riveting, timeless designs and delicate indestructibility of the materials amount to a tote that could follow you on a lifetime of adventures.


For owners Cathy and Bibi, the adventure is only beginning. In a month they will be opening a second studio space out of their home in Fig Garden and their totes are already filling up shelves in boutiques along the coast.


Also featured in the space is artwork by co-owner, Bibi Bielat. Through a very different medium, the familiar earthy-industrial theme shines through. A mixture of metal paint and a light acid wash results in a somewhat unpredictable result, according to Bibi.


Isn’t the most ravishing beauty the kind that we can’t anticipate?



Iron+Copper+Bronze has a studio in Gallery 1821 (1821 Calaveras Street, Fresno). Enjoy 10% off and free shipping through the end of December. Stop in and visit them at the next Art Hop – January 8th, 2015.



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